Coventry Zesty Playford

Upcoming events in 2015

Where not otherwise stated, events are in St Barbara's Church Hall, Rochester Rd, Coventry CV5 6AG.

Saturday 24th January

Albireo and Rhodri Davies! I had the fun of dancing to Albireo and Rhodri at a workshop at Broadstairs this summer just past and it was amazing. Not to be missed!

Saturday 21st February

For our February dance we have Blast from the Past with Ed Croft. Blast from the Past are the amazing Chris and Sophie, who somehow fit in playing for dancing as well as touring their ever increasing variety of historical music shows! (Isn't it annoying how some people can just do everything? You should go see them doing their music history shows too). Ed Croft is a caller from the Round in Cambridge -- he's called at their Playford Ball in June and runs the Round Ceilidhs, possibly by accident.

Saturday 21st March

In March we're looking forward to dancing to Bobbing Joe with Lisa Heywood! Bobbing Joe describe themselves as a ceilidh band but I discovered that they do Playford by spotting that their band is named after a Playford tune... It's like a secret handshake, but more obvious. Lisa has called at ceilidhs up and down the country, at Sidmouth Folkweek and at Halsway Manor, and has a superhero alter ego. Yay!

Friday 3rd April

Tom Kitching, Marit Fält, Freya Rae and Jim Molyneux will be playing at EGO in Coventry as part of the tour to launch their new album Interloper! Exciting Playford tunes as you've never heard them before! Lots of space for dancing, though this is not a called gig. Come, dance, buy the CD. It's going to be amazing!

Saturday 18th April

Zesty Playford Ball at C# House with Andrew Swaine and The Night Before. I actually have nothing to do with organising this, I just think it sounds exciting, and obviously if you enjoy CZP in Coventry you'll enjoy this event too.

Sunday 19th April

For our April dance we have the amazing Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer with ... a Mystery Caller Assortment. Yes, that does mean that you can sign up to call a dance! If you'd like to call, please email coventry zesty playford at gmail dot com with (a) what dance you'd like to call (b) what music you would need and (c) if you were a chocolate, what chocolate you would be. This dance will also be at a different time in a different venue: SUNDAY 3pm til 6pm in Cheylesmore Community Centre. I think I'll be organising some refreshments.

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th May

We are organising a DIY Playford weekend in Tideswell, Derbyshire! It will be in the St John's Institute (the village hall), and there will be indoor camping and some sort of communal food arrangements tbc. It will be a bring and share weekend for everyone to come and enjoy dancing, playing, calling and/or running a workshop. (we won't be booking acts or selling tickets -- we'll be making our own entertainment and asking for a £5 contribution per person per day) I'm really looking forward to it already! I'll be in touch with more details nearer the time. (Oh, and when I say "we're organising", we = me, Nicky, Daisy, Andrew and Charley.)

Saturday 10th October

With Moonlighting and Mary Devlin (USA!)

Saturday 5th December

Christmas Dance with Steamchicken and Bob Morgan! Yes, Steamchicken! Yay! A long way off, so plenty of time to look forward to it...

Past events

Saturday 4th October

We are absolutely thrilled to have the amazing Boldwood playing for this event. Described by Blast from the Past as 'the most exciting band playing English music at the moment', Boldwood are a musical delight and a joy to dance to. Much of Boldwood's material is taken from little-known publications and hand-written manuscripts. All the members of Boldwood are classically trained, with an additional grounding in traditional music and they bring these neglected musical gems to life with a tremendous energy and drive.

Our caller will be Jake Wood (no relation). An up and coming caller based in Coventry, Jake calls regularly for the Warwick Folk Ceilidhs and a variety of private events. Jake's warm, friendly and inclusive calling style guarantees a wonderful evening of dances for all!

Saturday 25th October

We are over the moon to have Sam Mabbett (melodeon) and Stuie Duncan (whistle) playing for us. Shortlisted for a Young Person's Folk Award earlier this year, Sam plays for concerts and regularly plays for ceilidhs as part of the Ship Band. Sam and Stuie have honed their musical skills with NYFTE, a tribe of jaw-droppingly talented young folkies aged 10 to 18.

This event boasts two callers for the price of one! Sally and Matthew both began their calling at the Round in Cambridge. Sally's calling experience includes Scottish country dance and contra dancing as well as ceilidh and Playford. Matthew regularly calls at the Round including the Round Playford Ball in June this year. They bring enormous warmth and energy, along with a great repertoire of dances.

Saturday 29th November

The identity of the band for this event is a closely-guarded secret. I won't give any hints here since I don't want to spoil the surprise.

But here's a little bit about our caller for evening, Daisy Black.

Daisy is a Sheffield-based medievalist, folkie, writer and theatre practitioner. She is a regular caller on the Manchester ceilidh scene, and runs Sheffield’s ‘Playford in the Pub’ sessions. Her favourite thing about Playford dances is that they bask in the space between the elegant, the flamboyant and the silly. When not calling, Daisy enjoys medieval comedy, tea and cake and heavy metal morris dancing.

Playford dancers!  Lovely drawing by Grace Emery Playford dancers.  Thanks to Sarah Clough for the image. Dancing! Dancing! Dancing!